I’m Joy Yanes. To sum it up easily I’m a Life Coach with a very unique tool box.

Hypnosis: We spend some time talking, and together we create a session specifically for you. If you’re looking for a Healthier Lifestyle, to quit smoking, gain self-confidence, or gain freedom from fears, phobias, and anxieties, I’m here to help.  Hypnosis is also excellent for students with test anxiety…there are just so many wonderful benefits.                A session is $100.

Intuitive Energy Healing: What’s holding you back from being the amazing person you were born to be? This is a great place to start your journey.  My clients say this is relaxing, balancing and brings clarity. For these sessions, you relax under the Crystal Chakra Lights, which help to bring balance, peace, and clarity. As I’m working in your energy I get impressions, after your session we talk about what I’ve come across. These sessions help to identify emotional blocks.                                                                                            A session is $80

Past Life Regression: Have you wondered if this life has been influenced by a past life? Have you wondered who you were? Where you lived? Do you know anyone in this life that you knew in the past? These are very in-depth sessions. We explore several past lives and beyond.                                                                                                                                           A session is $150

Bach Flower Essence: Developed in the 1930’s by Dr.Edward Bach. These wonderful remedies help you find balance and harmony. You’ll fill out a questionnaire, then we talk for a bit, then Joy creates a remedy specifically for you.                                                                   A session is $50

Life Strategy Session: We talk, we figure out where you are and where you want to be and how to get you there. Using Insight and Intuition we develop a plan. You’re given “tools” to help you work through things, you begin to gain clarity and regain balance. These sessions are a safe place to explore.                                                                            (you’re not going crazy, you’re just waking up)                                                                Sessions are $60/hr


Intuitive Chakra Balancing and Clearing and Bach Flower: $105

Intuitive Chakra Balancing and Clearing with Hypnosis: $225 (I love this package, it’s fulfilling to each client)

Hypno-Coaching: $175 We start with a Life Strategy Session followed by a Hypnosis Session.

Dream Weaver Package:                                                                                                                     These sessions are for those who are ready to move to the next level, and ready to focus on you and gain self-confidence. The first session is Intuitive Chakra Balancing and Clearing and a Life Strategy Session where we come up with “tools” to help you gain clarity and start to re-gain direction and balance. During this first session we also design your next appointment, which is your Hypnosis session and another Life Strategy Session. The Third session is a Bach Flower consultation and a Flower Remedy made specifically for you. Your last session is your choice, either Hypnosis or Intuitive Chakra Balancing and Clearing and a Life Strategy Session.

Dream Weaver Sessions are $425



Hypnosis and Wellness Center

125D West Plymouth Ave. DeLand, Fl 32720

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