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I do what I do because I love what I do! It really is my passion to see others Whole, Balanced, Empowered and living their Best Life.  With my background as a nurse and massage therapist I feel that I bring a unique perspective to my healing practice. Add to that twenty plus years studying wholistic healing, Energy Work, Chakra Balancing, Qi Gong, Pranic Energy, Reiki, Hypnosis, Bach Flower, etc (and intuition, insight and wisdom)…. well, I love what I do.

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I am a retired nurse and Massage Therapist. Many years ago I fell in love with Holistic Therapies/Alternative Medicine and above all Energy Work. I’m a Chakra Master. I’ve also studied Qi Gong, Prana, Reiki, (usui and Seichem), Therapeutic Touch and Hypnosis among many other things. It’s my passion to see people Whole, Healed and Empowered. I am a member of the Hypnosis Education Association, The International Hypnosis Federation and Unlimited Possibilities Hypnosis.

Maybe I should start by explaining a bit about Life Balance Pathways. For many years my passion has been to see people Whole, Healed and Empowered. I started on a Nursing Career hoping to see just that; I also became a Licensed Massage Therapist for the same reason. Both of these careers required Continuing Education (CEU’s) to maintain the licenses. Through the CEU’s I fell in love with Holistic and Alternative Modalities and Energy Work.

I quickly became disillusioned with nursing (although I continued for another twenty years) I pursued Energy Work and followed a path of self-discovery. I was first introduced to Reiki and studied Usui and Seichem;  I continued to study and discovered Therapeutic Touch and found that I could feel and sense things. Through Massage Therapy I would get glimpses into the lives of my clients and somehow “just know things.” While still working as a nurse I continued to study Pranic Energy, Reiki, Qi Gong,  I also studied Hypnosis and finally became a Certified Hypnotist.  I have been blessed to find amazing teachers over the years that have taught me so much, I still find teachers and continue to learn.

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